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07:37:11 <CD> Morning all!
07:52:47 <.don> Do we think Beehive erupted during the night?
07:53:34 <CD> .don, Not sure
07:54:00 <CD> Seams likely, but the snow could have delayed it
07:59:46 <CD> Kat, if you are on here can you delete your sawmill entry? Graham posted the exact start time
08:04:25 <CD> OF
08:05:17 <CD> Thanks Kat!
08:05:25 <Kat> :thumbsup:
08:05:46 <Kat> looks short
08:06:05 <CD> Thats what I was thinking
08:06:18 <CD> Yeah no water there
08:07:26 <Kat> Poor visibility for sure this morning
08:07:52 <CD> At least there's not much fog
08:08:54 <CD> Lion should be starting sometime this morning, but it will probably be an hour or two before it goes
08:18:07 <CD> Beehive splashes
08:19:00 <CD> BSB
08:35:28 <Kat> East Entrance road closed due to avalanche danger
09:01:33 <Katie ❄️> Good morning
09:01:33 <Linda> good morning
09:01:34 <Linda> 1
09:02:19 <Kat> Morning all!
09:02:23 <CD> Morning Linda & Katie
09:02:47 <Linda> CD, hi
09:02:55 <Linda> wow wolf tracks
09:02:57 <Katie ❄️> Ah... wolf activity
09:03:02 <Kat> :thumbsup:
09:03:08 <Katie ❄️> We must have been reading at the same time
09:03:21 <Kat> Visibilty poor earlier - didn't see anything
09:04:10 <CD> OF
09:04:14 <CD> On static
09:05:49 <Linda> Katie ❄️, :)
09:06:23 <Kat> Nice Graham heard the howling!
09:12:22 <Linda> I can probably help with cam later, need to get to pharmacy first. I could take 3pm to 6pm MST
09:13:23 <Katie ❄️> :thumbsup:
10:02:55 <Kat> Time to get ready for work!
10:03:17 <Katie ❄️> I've got it. Thanks for driving and have a good day!
10:50:51 <CD> OF
10:56:09 <CD> Oblong looks hot
10:58:00 <CD> Might be ie
10:58:10 <Katie ❄️> Def IE now
10:58:23 <3> looks ie to me
10:59:14 <3> Sawmill is very happy, does not want us to see Oblong
10:59:34 <CD> Graham posted oblong ie
11:02:07 <3> so Sawmill has been in eruption since 0735?
11:05:32 <CD> Yeah at 3h 29m duration so far, a long duration eruption that will put the group into a deep drain. Does mean there is a chance of a penta mized phase eruption when sawmill quits
11:06:08 <3> :thumbsup:
11:06:09 <CD> Daisy
11:08:38 <3> wind looks to be picking up a bit
11:09:22 <CD> :thumbsup:
11:09:57 <CD> The long duration sawmill also explains was tardy is so splashy
11:12:26 <Linda> Katie ❄️, so i went to pharmacy to get drugs but not ready. so hopefully I can pick up before shift, if not I'll have to go anyway. I could do now for a bit if you want. up to you
11:13:10 <Katie ❄️> If you want to do a bit now, I could go get some takeout. So that sounds good.
11:13:48 <Linda> yes I can do for an hour. just said it's ready but I have time.
11:14:36 <CD> Tardy
11:16:26 <LindaG> Got it.
11:17:53 <LindaG> Pharmacy won't open again till 12:30 mst
11:17:54 <Dave from B> I'd volunteer but it is chaos at work today
11:18:41 <LindaG> Dave from B, no problem. Lousy weather here I just need out.later.
11:18:58 <LindaG> Perfect day to stay home and run cam
11:25:36 <LindaG> We need to be on the lookout for wolves!
11:27:45 <Dave from B> Where were the tracks?
11:29:07 <LindaG> Im.graham.put a note up. I think by OF intent he woods
11:29:11 <3> read the comment Graham posted, he gives an overview
11:30:12 <Dave from B> Thanks 3
11:33:48 <3> sounds like a pack is around. I hope he gets to see them
11:35:49 <LindaG> Sure are losing visibility
11:38:19 <LindaG> Bsb ie
11:39:37 <LindaG> I guess bee went to the darkside
11:42:35 <LindaG> grand
11:42:50 <LindaG> .
11:44:30 <Dave from B> I can't believe how much of the Us is going to be COLD this weekend
11:45:48 <LindaG> Yeah 20s for me starting Sunday :(
11:50:51 <LindaG> 2nd
11:50:59 <LindaG> Inthink
11:53:48 <Katie ❄️> I'm back with my takeout and ready whenever you need to go
11:56:16 <LindaG> It would be so step.outside and see a pack.of wolves running by :)
11:56:55 <LindaG> Katie ❄️, I cannot do another half hour, they open back up at 12:30 mst
11:57:08 <LindaG> Cannot= can
11:57:11 <LindaG> Yikes
12:00:46 <Katie ❄️> Ha ha
12:00:50 <Katie ❄️> perfect
12:01:15 <LindaG> Indy
12:01:18 <LindaG> .
12:01:19 <LindaG> .
12:01:21 <LindaG> .
12:01:54 <LindaG> That snuck up
12:02:11 <3> will Graham make it?
12:02:49 <LindaG> Sent txt
12:03:09 <3> those people on the bw should move
12:03:27 <Kitt> they have time
12:04:07 <Kitt> I had checked earlier and decided to check again
12:04:16 <LindaG> Run graham run
12:04:29 <Kitt> then my phone chimed with indy text
12:05:08 <LindaG> they heard you
12:05:25 <LindaG> Looks like a strong indy
12:05:31 <lori lurking Je> Still no texts Korben, thanks for trying.
12:05:51 <Katie ❄️> Oh hey!
12:06:48 <Ben VL> thx txt
12:07:37 <3> no text received here yet
12:07:41 <CD> Hi Ben VL
12:07:46 <Ben VL> wimdy
12:07:56 <Craig> wimdy indeed
12:07:56 <13> thx for text, came through right away for me
12:08:04 <LindaG> 3, didn't get mine either
12:08:13 <3> I did get the E mail. Have you tried signing up for that Lori?
12:08:16 <Craig> this looks like that kind of weather that Yukon Cornelius says is fit for neither man nor beast in rudolph lol
12:08:20 <Kitt> I got text as I signed in
12:08:25 <LindaG> Got email though
12:08:52 <CD> Yeah email but not text
12:09:06 <LindaG> looks miserable out there, graham must be.lovingnit ;)
12:09:11 <Kitt> Mine arrived at 1203
12:09:38 <3> I had been getting them right away lately, but not today
12:09:45 <LindaG> bee
12:09:58 <LindaG> Qboom
12:10:03 <lori lurking Je> Yes, 3, I get the e-mail but I don't get e-mail automatically on my phone. I used to get both, but the texts stopped and no one has been able to get them back for me.
12:10:19 <Ben VL> OOOH
12:10:19 <3> that is odd Lori
12:10:27 <Kitt> nice
12:10:34 <Craig> excellent start
12:10:37 <3> Mine always show up, just sometimes hours after BH
12:11:06 <Kitt> that couple made it all the way to Lion
12:11:55 <LindaG> lori lurking Jenna's mom, are you verizon?
12:11:58 <lori lurking Je> I appreciate the e-mails, but it rarely works out that I am on the computer checking them when Indy happens. I know it isn't anyone's fault, and I am thankful that they tried to get it back for me, I miss them.
12:12:26 <lori lurking Je> I have Tracphone, always have, Verizon just bought it.
12:12:39 <3> the texts are helpful
12:13:15 <LindaG> lori lurking Jenna's mom, the verizon.phones don't always get texts
12:14:26 <LindaG> Nice that OF is waiting it's turn
12:17:19 <LindaG> :) like minds
12:17:49 <LindaG> nice showing for OF
12:17:51 <Betty> oops
12:17:56 <Betty> hi all
12:18:05 <CD> Hi Betty
12:18:10 <lori lurking Je> I stopped getting texts a couple years ago now, I think. Before Verizon bought it.
12:18:49 <Betty> hi CD, LindaG, lori lurking Jenna's mom, 3, Craig, Ben VL, Kitt
12:19:58 <3> Hey Betty. Grand video up too
12:20:16 <Betty> 3, :thumbsup:
12:21:57 <3> stil no snowmobile suits at OF
12:22:06 <LindaG> Betty, hi
12:22:09 <3> must not be enough snow to open West to OF
12:23:18 <LindaG> OF
12:23:39 <CD> OF
12:24:11 <3> POOF
12:25:44 <3> just got my indy text
12:26:07 <LindaG> Got my text
12:27:32 <3> they must come out in batches
12:28:11 <LindaG> :)
12:28:57 <LindaG> Katie ❄️, I'm going to run out now, be back in a bit
12:30:07 <LindaG> controls released for now
12:32:31 <Katie ❄️> got it
12:36:03 <Betty> :lion:
12:36:23 <Betty> or not
12:36:59 <Betty> or yes
12:37:45 <Betty> wind blown
13:08:35 <3> Daisy?
13:08:46 <Katie ❄️> Yup
13:08:50 <3> wind hampered
13:17:56 <Linda> Katie ❄️, im back, i can take cam
13:18:23 <Katie ❄️> Linda, happy driving!
13:18:53 <Linda> Katie ❄️, thx
13:19:03 <Linda> Katie ❄️, and thanks for driving
13:22:21 <LindaG> High winds expected today so hopefully I won't lose power.
13:24:25 <3> crazy weather days ahead
13:26:51 <LindaG> Yeah my electric company sent out a text saying they were prepared. :-/
13:27:05 <LindaG> We'll see
13:34:04 <Betty> .
13:34:04 <Betty> .
13:34:05 <Betty> .
13:34:05 <Betty> .
13:34:08 <3> IS THAT AURUM???
13:34:09 <Betty> Aurum
13:34:14 <3> wow
13:34:20 <3> please do video
13:34:37 <Betty> SURE :-)
13:34:39 <3> I could not believe my eyes at first
13:34:45 <3> thanks Betty
13:34:46 <Betty> same here
13:34:59 <3> I zoomed in with my laptop
13:35:10 <3> WOOT
13:36:55 <3> brief yet yay, it erupted
13:37:30 <Betty> :thumbsup: Kevin would love it
13:41:22 <Linda> ph sorry i didn't realize that was aurum, bummer
13:43:00 <Betty> no problem, it was as fast as it used to be :-)
13:43:53 <LindaG> 😊 that's exciting
13:45:15 <Betty> Graham must have missed it. He´s at Lion
13:45:52 <LindaG> Betty, turned his back foena minute >(
13:48:57 <LindaG> Wow recorded.i e.was 80 days ago
13:51:43 <LindaG> Plate ie
13:51:47 <Betty> Plate
13:53:02 <Dave from B> I figured that would be Kevin's first work from above.
13:53:29 <Betty> Dave from B, yes. I´m sure he watched
13:53:32 <Craig> looks like graham went back to economic actually
13:53:39 <LindaG> Geez not typing very well today
13:54:00 <Betty> glad Kevin reactivated Aurum
13:54:09 <LindaG> Thank you Kevin 🌵
13:56:57 <Betty> LindaG, Plate start was 1349
13:57:27 <LindaG> Betty, ok
13:58:05 <LindaG> Done
13:59:53 <LindaG> We need a wolf
14:01:46 <3> it would be fun if they just strolled in front of OF
14:02:11 <LindaG> for sure
14:02:50 <3> missing Lion
14:02:50 <LindaG> a few weeks ago they ran over geyser hill to down basin
14:03:30 <3> I remember
14:03:53 <3> Glad Graham got the Lion time
14:04:51 <LindaG> AInheard them howl in Lamar Valley, at OF would be cool
14:05:22 <LindaG> geez can't type
14:05:31 <Betty> did you see Grahams wolf entry earlier today?
14:05:46 <LindaG> Yes
14:05:52 <LindaG> OF
14:06:15 <Betty> they are not far away. all we need is a carcass
14:06:34 <LindaG> :) we need a volunteer lol
14:06:45 <Betty> hahahaha
14:06:58 <LindaG> >(
14:07:43 <Dave from B> Graham is closest
14:08:04 <Dave from B> mean an animal carcass:D
14:08:26 <3> did she though?
14:08:35 <Dave from B> We'll never know
14:08:37 <LindaG> Lol
14:09:37 <3> Dave, is the work chaos because you are busy in the market?
14:11:39 <Dave from B> I had a 5 year driver leave a couple weeks ago, so I'm training the new guy this week. On top of that, my part time warehouse guy quit (not really a bad thing) and I'm trying to get out of here on Monday.
14:12:05 <Dave from B> And, I had vehicle and forklift issues today
14:12:11 <3> that sounds like a lot
14:12:30 <3> hope the training goes well and you can leave without being concerned
14:13:32 <3> at least most of the crazy weather will be past by Monday
14:16:20 <Dave from B> We will make some decisions on Thursday. We could leave 2-3 days late and skip Orlando. We would be out $120 but safety is most important
14:17:24 <LindaG> What is supposed to hit in orlando?
14:18:34 <Dave from B> Nothing but if we leave Monday it will take 3 days to get somewhere above 0 at night
14:19:37 <3> really? I thought cold would be past by then. So cold is around until Thursday? Is your van winterized?
14:21:52 <Dave from B> We van is empty of water but not winterized. I will do it before we leave or We can run tank heaters to keep things from freezing
14:22:37 <Dave from B> Tank heaters mean more drain on the battery resulting in more generator use. Generators are a lot like poeple....they don't like it when it is really cold.
14:23:06 <Dave from B> I'm only looking at 7 days forecast, that is why I'm weaiting a couple more days to gather Plan F
14:26:59 <3> got it, good idea, and glad you have flexibility
14:28:00 <3> I did read they expect -3 for the high temp during the KC football game Saturday evening
14:29:19 <Dave from B> Miami team will not like that
14:29:51 <3> or KC I would imagine, they are not really used to it being that cold either. It will be colder there than Buffalo
14:30:38 <LindaG> No bison around
14:32:18 <3> they heard you about volunteering!!
14:32:52 <LindaG> 3, lol
14:36:18 <LindaG> pumpnis a pest
14:50:53 <LindaG> Aren't going to see daisy this time around
14:58:28 <Greg ❄️☃> Howdy all
14:58:50 <Greg ❄️☃> Who is the cam op today?
14:59:33 <LindaG> Greg ❄️☃️❄️, I am
14:59:38 <LindaG> Greg ❄️☃️❄️, howdy
15:00:06 <Greg ❄️☃> Hi Linda. If you would lie a break, let me know, otherwise I will see you at 1600
15:00:25 <LindaG the camo> :)
15:01:23 <LindaG the camo> Greg ❄️☃️❄️, im.good, raining, nothing else happening, see you at 16:00
15:01:58 <Greg ❄️☃> Ok, no worries, and not like you can see much today lol
15:02:44 <LindaG the camo> Greg ❄️☃️❄️, yeah not a tough job today >(
15:03:26 <CD> Go Aurum!
15:05:01 <LindaG the camo> I miss when aurum would erupt every 4 hrs
15:05:29 <Greg ❄️☃> Me too, I grew very fond of Aurum
15:05:58 <LindaG the camo> it was fun to try and catch :)
15:06:18 <CD> We just need another eqrthquake...
15:07:05 <LindaG the camo> just a bit if a rattle
15:07:47 <CD> Yeah not to much or it would knock out the power grid
15:09:45 <LindaG the camo> Bison carcass and a small earthquake, isn't too much to ask I don't think
15:15:44 <LindaG the camo> Lion
15:16:00 <LindaG the camo> Maybe not
15:16:43 <Greg ❄️☃> I think we had a small tremor in Buckeye this morning, at least the house shock and others reports it as well.
15:17:00 <Betty> I need sleep, have a great evening all. Bye!
15:19:02 <Greg ❄️☃> Hi and bye Betty
15:19:20 <LindaG the camo> Betty, knight
15:19:30 <LindaG the camo> Greg ❄️☃️❄️, :-/
15:21:07 <LindaG the camo> Lion
15:58:42 <Greg ❄️☃> Ready when you are linda
15:59:28 <Linda> all yours
15:59:40 <Greg ❄️☃> Thanks for driving today
15:59:43 <Linda> contros released
16:00:05 <Greg ❄️☃> Nice....
16:03:31 <LindaG the camo> Your shift won't be.long :)
16:04:16 <Greg ❄️☃> 90 mins yet or unless the snow hits hard.
16:05:27 <Greg ❄️☃> Not like June/July 6+ hours
16:27:59 <Linda> oh my
16:28:12 <Greg ❄️☃> Socked in pretty good, we are looking at OF now.
16:39:23 <Greg ❄️☃> And this view is of Lion
17:14:00 <Greg ❄️☃> OF time, snow and all
17:43:40 <Greg ❄️☃> Cam controls have been released. Have a great evening