Showing logs for date: 2024-01-12
06:15:20 <J> Beehive last evening about 1907:50 ish
06:18:25 <J> two people(flashlights) walking just below near the Inn at the start
07:01:26 <Kat> Good morning
07:28:51 <Dave from B> brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr -7 in Blgs right now wind chill is -21F. Low this morning was -16 windchill -38
07:31:32 <J> BEE last night
07:32:07 <Kat> Morning Joe and Dave
07:32:40 <J> Hi Kat
07:34:13 <Kat> There goes Graham
07:34:43 <Kat> off to Economic
08:03:34 <Dave from B> Morning Kat and Joe
08:06:25 <Kat> Hi!
08:07:15 <Kat> :lion:
08:43:30 <Kat> :daisy:
08:50:02 <Kat> OF
08:51:12 <Kat> not yet
08:57:58 <Pholli> That preplay was ridiculous
08:58:18 <Kat> Indeed!
09:00:10 <Kat> Long interval here
09:01:25 <Kat> OF
09:11:34 <CD> Morning all!
09:11:42 <CD> Looks like a nice day in YNP
09:15:30 <Kat> Sun just came out!
09:15:42 <CD> Kat, :thumbsup:
09:15:56 <CD> Looks like they also got some more snow
09:30:56 <Pholli> Kat, I did make it to economic yesterday! For one eruption:)
09:31:36 <Kat> Pholli, I was wondering if you made it! Looks like the series is overt so I'm so glad you did!
09:31:54 <Kat> Are you working today?
09:33:24 <CD> Lion should be very soon
09:43:48 <Michelle> Good morning
09:50:24 <Dave from B> 22 degrees cooler in Blghs -16 windchill of -38
09:53:39 <Kat> Ouch!
09:54:43 <Pholli> Kat, yes I am, my tuesday
09:55:03 <Kat> :thumbsup:
09:55:40 <Pholli> Missed a major economic by about 9mins oh well
09:56:10 <Kat> :(
09:59:25 <Michelle> Kat, whenever you are ready
10:00:43 <Kat> Hi Michelle! Ready and happy driving!
10:01:08 <Michelle> Got it. Thanks for driving
10:02:03 <Kat> :)
10:11:39 <Michelle> OT
10:26:07 <.don> Grotto?
10:27:20 <Michelle> .don, :thumbsup:
10:28:49 <Michelle> OF window coming around
10:35:29 <Michelle> Not going to get a Daisy or Grand before OF
10:38:04 <Michelle> OF
10:39:00 <Michelle> 10;37 start
10:41:15 <Michelle> long
10:41:33 <3> Daisy 1037
10:42:02 <Michelle> 3, knew that was going to happen.
10:42:06 <Michelle> :)
11:06:31 <Craig> bsb
11:06:43 <Craig> or not
11:06:44 <KorbenC> Talk about a big steamy Beehive splash wow
11:06:50 <Craig> I've been bamboozled
11:06:53 <KorbenC> I think that was all Beehive
11:07:18 <Michelle> Looked huge, thought it was Bee for a second
11:07:19 <Craig> the person in the black coat has the "well are ya gonna do anything?" stance
11:07:20 <KorbenC> At least we'd be able to see when water comes into Indy, its all frozen :P
11:07:41 <KorbenC> Craig, haha, universal amongst gazers and visitors :)
11:08:58 <KorbenC> Yeah that was a big splash
11:09:16 <Michelle> She looks happy
11:09:26 <KorbenC> Short Beehive interval anyone?
11:09:36 <KorbenC> windy too
11:11:58 <KorbenC> Looks like Depression hasn't been alive in a while
11:15:35 <Michelle> KorbenC, You may be right. Ms Bee is sure happy about something.
11:48:15 <Michelle> few minutes til next Turban, going to take a quick break
11:55:12 <KorbenC> Bye all, enjoy the cold :)
11:55:31 <Michelle> KorbenC, bye. Have a great day
12:00:47 <Pholli> Old tardy?
12:01:30 <Michelle> Pholli, :thumbsup:
12:01:39 <CD> Hard to say
12:01:50 <CD> Pretty sure OT
12:02:06 <Michelle> Pholli, something else happening in there too.
12:02:37 <Pholli> Slurp is there but it's usually low to ground
12:03:00 <Michelle> Of course OF window coming back around. Cmon Grand!
12:03:08 <Pholli> Maybe OT hole
12:03:22 <Pholli> I've never seen that though so I wouldn't know if it's it
12:04:50 <CD> Pholli, Let me look, I have seen Ot's hole on the wc before
12:05:09 <Pholli> Will check out after this OF, can you let me know what time on the video to skip to?
12:06:20 <CD> I don't see OT's hole on the capure, whicm makes sense because OT hd a duration of ~5m, which is long enogh for it to reach overflow and dump cooled water into OT's hole, stoping eruptions
12:07:10 <Pholli> Oooh makes sense. Could it have been slurp's steam?
12:07:48 <CD> I think so, and also steam from OT's runnof
12:08:50 <Michelle> OF window
12:09:25 <CD> THe longer OT's that overflow are called "Majors" and are generaly any that are over 3m duration, while minors have a shorter duration and don't overflow
12:16:23 <3> looks like Rift did its job today
12:18:50 <3> any snowmobilers there at OF yet?
12:19:35 <3> no suits I can see on static
12:19:45 <Michelle> 3, I don't see any dressed in snowmobile gear.
12:20:20 <Michelle> Hoping to see another recording for Turban, I have a bad feeling
12:20:24 <3> West has been getting snow, I wonder when they will let them in again
12:20:58 <Michelle> I think we are good.
12:21:18 <3> hope so
12:21:37 <3> warm at OF I see
12:22:16 <Michelle> heat wave:)
12:22:24 <3> Graham leaves at 1400, hope Grand goes before too long for him
12:22:38 <Michelle> Lets add Daisy to the window too!πŸ˜‚
12:22:50 <3> lots of things in window now
12:23:41 <Michelle> almost the entire down basin in the window:)
12:23:49 <Pholli> South entrance closed completely so no snowmobiles
12:24:24 <Pholli> Messages still mixed about converting back to snowmobiles from west
12:25:08 <3> thanks Pholli.
12:25:37 <Pholli> Check indy?
12:25:42 <3> OF has gotten some snow, right?
12:26:19 <Pholli> Lotttaaa stean
12:26:39 <3> wow, hard to tell
12:26:45 <Pholli> Is that indy??
12:27:14 <3> could not see indy clearly yet wind is pushing BH steam over area
12:27:45 <Michelle> Pholli, I think so. Trying to keep OF in there
12:27:46 <3> I bet Dave is really looking forward to getting out of the cold
12:27:52 <Michelle> Pholli, yes
12:28:08 <Pholli> Yay!!
12:28:10 <CD> Thats indy
12:28:12 <3> yes, that looks like indy for sure
12:28:14 <CD> .
12:28:15 <CD> .
12:28:15 <CD> .
12:28:16 <CD> .
12:28:22 <Dave from B> YES, I AM
12:28:45 <Michelle> Going to stay wide and we will have to get OF from this view
12:28:47 <3> ha ha, all caps, and I bet Dave
12:29:03 <3> good time to pop in, indy is going, thanks Pholli for heads up
12:29:17 <Michelle> Pholli, thank you!!
12:29:44 <Michelle> Well lets just add Bee to the window tooπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
12:29:46 <3> post indy so Graham sees it
12:30:06 <3> ha ha Michelle, why not
12:30:56 <3> come on OF, always stubborn at the least opportune times
12:31:13 <Michelle> Ok went with a 1227 ie, can change it. Just need Graham to see
12:31:19 <Michelle> :bee:
12:31:24 <3> Jarno put it earlier
12:31:34 <3> silly Bee going first
12:31:42 <Michelle> bad Michelle
12:31:49 <3> ooh, nice
12:32:20 <Michelle> keep an eye on static for OF
12:32:27 <Dave from B> Woohoo
12:32:40 <3> I am watching it
12:32:58 <3> OF ie
12:33:09 <Dave from B> Where is static Betty:)
12:33:31 <Dave from B> hahahaha
12:33:35 <Betty> IΒ΄m here
12:33:54 <3> Hey Betty
12:34:07 <3> everything in window except Castle
12:34:08 <Betty> just in time
12:34:43 <Betty> hi Dave from B, 3, Michelle
12:34:58 <Michelle> Betty, hello
12:35:52 <Michelle> long on OF? Anyone?
12:36:03 <CD> Michelle, Yeah a long
12:36:07 <3> well really glad Pholli told us about BHI or we would have missed BH
12:36:26 <Betty> hi CD
12:36:42 <CD> Hi betty
12:37:32 <Michelle> Wow, the preset for Bee is way off
12:38:10 <CD> Turban posted, and we didn't miss bee
12:38:14 <CD> *sorry Grand
12:38:39 <3> geez, I hope Graham gets to see it before he has to get ready to leave
12:38:45 <Michelle> Don't think we missed daisy or Riverside either
12:39:11 <Michelle> Before I forget...Thank you Beautiful Ms Bee!
12:39:30 <3> I think Graham would have posted them
12:40:18 <Michelle> I need to step away for just a couple minutes. brb
12:41:29 <CD> Daisy
12:41:57 <Pholli> Glad that was actually indy. I've been watching steam from BH for the past hour getting excited at another BSB
12:42:32 <Pholli> And I know it's risky to cry wolf near OF window
12:42:48 <Betty> :-D
12:42:55 <Betty> hi Pholli
12:43:28 <Pholli> Hi Betty :)
12:45:46 <Michelle> Pholli, never a wolf cry. I am so glad you saw it!!
12:46:23 <3> Me too, thanks again
12:47:33 <Michelle> Pholli, thanks to you we all saw it!!
12:47:34 <Pholli> Lunch time now :lol:
12:48:27 <Michelle> Pholli, you deserve a steak!!😁
12:50:10 <Michelle> Michelle, did you see Graham recorded a Slurp too.
12:50:25 <Michelle> Michelle, oops that was for Pholli,
12:50:38 <Betty> lol
12:51:13 <Michelle> and I did it again.
12:51:29 <Michelle> :lol::lol:
12:52:31 <Betty> Michelle, lots of people in the room, you donΒ΄t need to talk to yourself
12:53:18 <Pholli> I didnt! That must've been the OT steam mystery then
12:53:42 <CD> Yup that and runnof steam from Ot explain it
12:55:44 <Betty> Pholli, did Riverside go?
12:56:19 <Betty> NPS prediction up for 1845
12:56:20 <Michelle> Betty, I always talk to myself, problem is I never listen to what I say!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
12:56:51 <Betty> >(
12:57:42 <3> wow, still no Grand
12:57:54 <Pholli> Betty, unsure, can check the telemeter logger after lunch
12:57:56 <3> Graham is leaving
12:57:59 <Michelle> looks like a little steam from Riverside right now
12:58:45 <Michelle> Cmon Grand!!!!
12:58:49 <Betty> bummer for Graham. But he had a fun week I guess
13:00:13 <Michelle> He is so dedicated...He deserves a wave goodbye from Grand!!
13:01:16 <Betty> on the way to NG...
13:02:47 <Dave from B> I'm sure Economic was the highlight
13:03:08 <Betty> yes, sure
13:03:52 <Betty> Graham is blessed with something special each time he is in the park :-)
13:03:58 <3> wonder if he wishes he would have stayed out until he had 100 eruptions. It was cold and dark though
13:04:12 <Betty> long dormant geysers love him
13:05:04 <Betty> you get to see a lot when you hang around with him
13:05:59 <Michelle> Riverside must have went during that last OF.
13:07:04 <Betty> wonder why Graham did not post it. he was around all the time
13:08:08 <Betty> I doubt we missed Riverside
13:08:43 <Michelle> :grand:
13:09:14 <Betty> grand
13:09:55 <Betty> big cloud
13:10:08 <3> wow, bet that was a Grand start
13:10:56 <Michelle> There's Riverside
13:11:05 <3> :thumbsup:
13:11:17 <Betty> yeah
13:13:00 <3> steam overload
13:13:12 <Betty> :)
13:14:24 <Pholli> Grand and riverside at the same time woah!
13:15:22 <Michelle> A steamy mess!
13:16:04 <Michelle> Here it comes😊
13:16:16 <Betty> wow
13:16:53 <3> well at least you have a start time
13:17:06 <Michelle> wind changeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
13:17:14 <Betty> and now spikes
13:17:38 <3> nice
13:23:59 <Michelle> Sawmill has quit
13:24:26 <Michelle> It could have quit before Grand, that would have been nice
13:33:59 <linda> afternoon all
13:34:22 <Michelle> linda, hello
13:34:33 <linda> Michelle, hi
13:34:34 <Betty> hi Linda
13:34:41 <linda> Betty, hi
13:42:06 <GO ECONOMIC> Heading our in a bit to Mammoth
13:42:39 <Pholli> Did you catch beehive?
13:42:44 <GO ECONOMIC> Betty, you can add D9 to your grand entry. I left at D8
13:42:44 <DanS (working)> GO ECONOMIC, thanks for all the reports!
13:42:51 <3> sorry Grand did not cooperate
13:42:59 <Michelle> GO ECONOMIC, Thanks for the Turbans and safe travels!!
13:43:01 <3> have a nice time in the north
13:43:21 <Betty> GO ECONOMIC, yes
13:44:39 <GO ECONOMIC> Yes, but I knew it would take time with the snowdrifts
13:45:07 <Betty> do you stay overnight at Mammoth?
13:45:58 <linda> GO ECONOMIC, safe travels
13:51:21 <GO ECONOMIC> Staying in Gardiner. -11 when I get there, -24 tonight
13:54:39 <john> Hello to All!
13:54:40 <Dave from B> That's our low tonight
13:54:55 <Michelle> john, hello
13:55:21 <linda> john, hi john, john, john, john, john, john,
13:55:23 <john> Hi Michelle!
13:55:28 <john> Hi Linda!
13:55:31 <linda> ok that was weird
13:55:38 <Dave from B> johns everywhere
13:55:44 <john> LOL
13:55:57 <linda> i hae no idea what happened there lol
13:56:14 <Michelle> looks like some long johns!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
13:56:24 <john> you are so talented linda...
13:56:27 <linda> ;)
13:56:32 <john> LOL
13:56:45 <Betty> I guess you hit spacebar lol
13:56:49 <linda> john, it wasn't easy I can tell you that
13:57:07 <linda> Betty, I guess so >(
13:57:12 <john> whenever you are ready michelle or linda
13:57:41 <john> or Betty?
13:57:55 <Michelle> john, all yours...controls released
13:58:04 <GO ECONOMIC> Gardiner is supposed to be -24 tonight
13:58:15 <john> :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: thanks michelle and have a great weekend!
13:58:30 <linda> GO ECONOMIC, hanging around up there or are you headed out?
13:58:49 <Michelle> john, thank you and have a wonderful drive
13:58:54 <Betty> john, IΒ΄m not a camop
13:58:59 <linda> Michelle, thanks for driving
13:59:08 <GO ECONOMIC> 2 nights
13:59:09 <john> :thumbsup:
13:59:18 <linda> GO ECONOMIC, :thumbsup:
13:59:31 <Michelle> yw. Have a great afternoon and I am out!
13:59:34 <linda> Betty, maybe you should be :)
14:00:20 <3> Betty would be a great cam op
14:01:13 <linda> yep
14:01:34 <john> 49Β° here...
14:01:51 <3> I wonder if you can be a cam op from Germany?
14:01:56 <linda> 46 degrees here
14:01:59 <3> seems like it should be possible
14:02:01 <john> why not?
14:09:48 <Pholli> Lion
14:10:33 <Pholli> Huh. Wind knocked it down I guess
14:10:58 <Pholli> There was sustained water
14:11:08 <Pholli> For a few secs
14:12:45 <3> not many people on bw for OF
14:13:04 <Pholli> Still splashing its trying so hard
14:13:50 <3> thanks for the play by play Pholli
14:14:35 <Pholli> Hahaha I'll quiet down until it actually erupts lol
14:15:03 <3> no, I meant it, we are on OF so cannot see it
14:18:04 <john> OF
14:27:43 <Pholli> Wonder what was up with that lion. Quiet now
14:29:04 <3> it does that
14:29:38 <john> :thumbsup:
14:35:40 <john> :daisy:
14:35:54 <Pholli> :daisy:
14:41:37 <Pholli> Lotta steam
14:41:54 <Pholli> Bulger
14:42:19 <john> :thumbsup:
14:58:03 <Pholli> Turban?
14:58:20 <john> I think so.
15:02:27 <Pholli> Man that is still really steaming
15:02:59 <john> :thumbsup:
15:11:10 <Pholli> Lion
16:04:15 <john> I did not catch the OF start time, my doc called... sorry!
16:04:51 <john> start and end are on the wc
16:06:13 <john> Thanks Jarno!
16:27:21 <john> :daisy:
16:32:00 <Greg 🫎> Good afternoon everyone
16:32:19 <john> Hi Greg!
16:32:36 <Greg 🫎> Hi John, thanks for covering
16:33:03 <john> YW! I've got to run greg. I will get back to you!
16:33:28 <Greg 🫎> No worries, I just messaged you. Thans again
16:40:09 <Greg 🫎> :lion:
17:16:31 <DanS (working)> plate again
17:31:31 <Greg 🫎> OF time
17:36:10 <Linda> :daisy:
17:36:29 <Linda> huh maybe not'
17:37:05 <Greg 🫎> I thought I was the only one that did that
17:37:19 <Linda> Greg 🫎, :)
17:40:31 <Greg 🫎> Sawmill is busy
17:40:50 <john> :thumbsup:
17:43:37 <john> Knight All!
17:44:13 <Greg 🫎> Gnight John, enjoy your weekend and say hi to Joan
17:45:59 <Linda> john, knight
17:47:31 <Greg 🫎> Controls have been released, thanks for tagging along, enjoy your weekend.
17:48:06 <Linda> Greg 🫎, good knight
17:48:12 <john> :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
17:48:24 <Greg 🫎> Hi and gnight Linda
17:48:36 <Linda> Greg 🫎, :)
19:58:58 <Korben> Geepers geepers not even sure my car is going to start tomorrow. Low of -31F tonight where I am. Not sure how I'm supposed to do things in this weather