Showing logs for date: 2024-01-20
08:10:43 <CraigC> well, even though it is my cam shift, I'm checking out
08:43:03 <TomK> Just checking, the cam is out. Back to bed.
10:22:41 <linda> wow korben got two aurums
10:52:10 <linda> OF 10;49
11:55:15 <Betty> cam is offline?
11:55:59 <linda> yup they have to go down and check it, maybe tuesday :-/
11:56:25 <Betty> hi Linda, thx for the info
11:56:27 <linda> went up on roof yesterday but couldn't get it to reboot
11:56:35 <linda> Betty, hi
11:57:02 <linda> been down since late thursday
11:57:38 <Betty> to do other things
11:58:00 <linda> Betty, enjoy
12:22:49 <Pholli> Hm. Maybe that wasn't castle
12:36:58 <Pholli> It was a minor
12:45:29 <Michellee> Checking just in case there was a bolt of lightning and some miracle happened
12:46:12 <Michellee> Have a wonderful weekend.
13:28:02 <Korben> Alrighty we are heading out from OF. That was a very nice week.
13:28:21 <Korben> Three Beehives and after 8 Grands, my burst average remains 2.00
15:48:20 <J> hmmm dark already :( maybe it will lighten up next week.
16:06:37 <linda> J, :) one can hope
19:27:55 <KorbenC(Livings> Too bad camera is still down.
19:28:13 <KorbenC(Livings> Hi Pholli, was very nice to meet you this week! Take care of Beehive for me :)
21:11:22 <Pholli> Nice to meet you as well Korben! Great to put face to name, see you in the summer! Thanks for the basin updates