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06:43:58 <Kat> Beautiful morning!
06:45:54 <Kat> Castle ie
06:49:31 <Kat> Morning Joe
06:50:18 <18> Kat, morning
06:58:57 <linda> Good Morning Yellowstone!
06:59:20 <Kat> linda, good morning!
06:59:33 <linda> Kat, good morning
07:01:09 <18> halo
07:01:49 <Kat> :) I needed that!
07:02:05 <18> ;)
07:02:58 <linda> 18, halo joe halo
07:03:12 <Kat> I needed that and now some more coffee! LOL
07:03:30 <linda> :)
07:03:47 <18> halo linda, halo
07:04:11 <linda> :)
07:47:39 <linda> steamy on the hill, lion maybe?
07:48:52 <CD> No I guess just some fog I guess
07:49:45 <Kat> Thought daisy was in all that steam but not sure
07:53:38 <Kat> so much steam
08:35:58 <Kat> cam stopped
08:36:50 <Kat> that was weird!
09:33:12 <Kat> OF early
09:35:25 <Kat> short
09:46:58 <Michelle> Good morning
10:00:09 <Michelle> Kat, logging in
10:00:55 <Kat> Thanks Michelle! Have a great drive!
10:01:18 <Michelle> Kat, thanks for driving and have a wonderful rest of your day
10:01:33 <Kat> Michelle, thx
10:15:56 <Michelle> :daisy:
10:29:09 <Michelle> OF window
10:52:02 <Michelle> OF
10:52:35 <Michelle> 10:51 start
10:55:09 <Michelle> long
10:56:07 <Betty> hi all
10:56:17 <Michelle> Betty, hello
10:56:33 <Betty> hi Michelle
10:58:44 <Betty> hope we get RiverGrand soon
10:58:46 <Michelle> brb
11:04:41 <Michelle> turban maybe?
11:05:20 <Betty> yeah, maybe
11:08:16 <Betty> bwb
11:09:30 <Michelle> Betty, I missed it, just saw steam
11:10:20 <Betty> I always find it hard to see water in BWB
11:10:47 <Betty> seemed to have small pulsating splashes
11:11:41 <Michelle> :thumbsup:
11:12:44 <Michelle> Bulger
11:15:23 <3> Hey all. They finally got some snow at North Entrance
11:15:35 <Michelle> That looked like a Turban than my last call!😁
11:15:42 <Betty> hey 3
11:16:15 <Betty> Michelle, yes, this looks more like Turban
11:16:29 <3> I agree about Turban
11:17:01 <Michelle> Michelle, they need a lot more!
11:17:55 <Michelle> Looking happy
11:18:22 <Betty> Michelle, talking to yourself ;-)
11:19:03 <Michelle> Betty, πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, yes, if only I would listen😁
11:19:13 <Betty> lol
11:20:09 <Teri> gm all, Betty, Michelle, Craig
11:20:29 <Betty> hi Teri
11:20:43 <Michelle> Teri, hello
11:24:14 <Teri> hope all are well
11:27:31 <CD> Morning all!
11:27:57 <Pholli> Morning :)
11:28:10 <Michelle> CD, good morning/afternoon depending on where you are at!
11:28:32 <Michelle> Pholli, Good morning, I know where you are at!
11:28:55 <Pholli> Still 32 minutes of morning:)
11:29:13 <Michelle> :)
11:31:41 <Pholli> Check indy?
11:32:02 <Pholli> Mightve just been a big splash
11:32:14 <CD> Michelle, morning for me :)
11:32:19 <Betty> hi CD + Pholli
11:32:21 <Michelle> Pholli, nope
11:32:39 <Pholli> Oh there are watchers that's good
11:32:42 <Pholli> Thanks guys
11:32:51 <Pholli> Hi Betty :lol:
11:32:57 <CD> Turban I think
11:37:53 <3> not sure that was Turban before...
11:38:29 <CD> well the interval lines up well
11:39:18 <kiawe (at work)> Aloha everyone!
11:39:33 <kiawe (at work)> Pholli, it's still morning here :D
11:39:37 <Betty> hi kiawe (at work)
11:39:47 <Michelle> kiawe (at work), good "morning" for you
11:39:49 <3> would have been a short interval, yet maybe it was
11:40:10 <kiawe (at work)> Does anyone know what the people by Beehive are doing? It looks like some sort of experiment.
11:40:14 <CD> 17m is not that short
11:40:52 <Michelle> kiawe (at work), I think just watchers
11:40:54 <Pholli> Can we zoom in on that?
11:41:14 <kiawe (at work)> Tons of rain here the last week or two. part of our shoreline road got washed away!
11:41:52 <Pholli> Yeah as far as I know the two people there are visitors unless they're actively sticking things into the runoff
11:43:06 <Michelle> Watchers, but looked like West Bubbler again
11:43:33 <Pholli> Yeah I talked to them. They're visitors
11:44:18 <kiawe (at work)> It was the 'geyser gazer dance' that fooled me :D
11:44:26 <Betty> lol
11:44:31 <CD> :p
11:45:08 <Michelle> kiawe (at work), this time of year it's called the I am freezing dance!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
11:45:26 <kiawe (at work)> Srsly, I thought they might be checking a seismic monitor with the rhythmic stamping.
11:47:14 <kiawe (at work)> Around here, 'freezing' is 'below 60 degrees'. We're thin-blooded.:p
11:48:26 <Michelle> kiawe (at work), I am with you. Body temp is 98.6, so 60 is, yes, freezing😁
11:49:01 <Michelle> looks like another Turban
11:49:05 <kiawe (at work)> Everyone goes spare when they get snow on Haleakala.
11:54:07 <Michelle> Going to park it here for a moment while I move my legs.
11:58:26 <Michelle> Just in time Riverside
12:08:08 <3> Grand must be waiting for OF window
12:08:54 <Michelle> 3, you think?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
12:09:49 <3> it seems to likely now...
12:10:59 <Michelle> 3, Seems like it. Daisy too.
12:18:24 <Michelle> Of window time
12:20:07 <Michelle> Keep thinking we can get Daisy
12:21:59 <Michelle> still have 8 minutes until NPS window😁
12:26:08 <3> windows are far apart this time
12:26:36 <3> Daisy has to be any second...
12:26:39 <Michelle> yes, keeping one eye on static
12:27:22 <Michelle> sawmill
12:30:21 <3> get nervous?
12:30:37 <Michelle> 12:28 wwe went to OF. If we don't catch Grand or Daisy we know they went after 12:28
12:30:55 <3> :thumbsup:
12:31:04 <Michelle> Cmon OF make it quick
12:31:05 <kiawe (at work)> Ugh. Just spent half an hour arguing with amazon that I'll never get back.
12:32:13 <3> well at least you were at work doing it, right?
12:32:22 <Michelle> I would toggle back and forth, but we don't have a down basin preset anymore
12:32:45 <3> will they set up presets eventually?
12:32:54 <kiawe (at work)> Yah. Made the mistake of using my personal CC to buy something for the library where I work. Now amazon won't let me take it off the account.
12:33:21 <3> that is odd
12:33:30 <Michelle> 3, we have some, but the 2 best preseets are gone. Down basin and Bee to Lion
12:33:58 <3> hope they come back
12:34:08 <Michelle> Don't know if they will put them back on. Hopefully!
12:34:21 <kiawe (at work)> Yes, those quick flips were very useful.
12:36:02 <3> Daisy might have gone, it's been 7 minutes
12:36:12 <Michelle> It takes forever to get there, but we can get back to OF pretty fast😁
12:36:21 <3> or this is a very long interval
12:41:20 <Michelle> Interval is always longer when waiting for Grand!!😁
12:41:41 <3> always...
12:43:20 <Michelle> 112 minutesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
12:43:31 <Betty> pffff
12:44:21 <Michelle> but who's counting!πŸ˜‚
12:46:38 <Michelle> 115 minutes
12:47:05 <3> no big deal until we get to 120, right??
12:47:27 <Betty> right
12:47:42 <Betty> bet it will be a short
12:48:00 <Michelle> If nothing was in the window, it would have been 91 minutes!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
12:48:17 <3> >(
12:49:06 <kiawe (at work)> *twiddles thumbs*
12:50:19 <Betty> will this pot ever cook?
12:51:08 <Michelle> 120 minutes
12:53:28 <Betty> yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12:53:36 <Betty> nooooooooooooooo
12:53:45 <Michelle> nope
12:53:50 <CD> Massive Preplay
12:54:01 <3> looked eruptive on static
12:54:09 <3> crazy
12:54:31 <Michelle> 123 minutes
12:54:39 <3> I am sure a lot of cameras were up for that one on the bw
12:56:16 <3> hopefully when it finally erupts it is a good eruption
12:56:36 <Michelle> OF
12:56:41 <Betty> surely a short
12:56:55 <Michelle> 125 minutes
12:57:43 <CD> Very tall
12:58:26 <Michelle> short
13:00:04 <Betty> HA! Did I tell you???
13:00:32 <3> you did tell us :)
13:00:46 <Betty> :-D
13:01:53 <3> at least it was a tall short
13:02:25 <Michelle> brb
13:02:32 <Betty> you think water amound came out by height?
13:08:29 <Michelle> I see a peoples at Grand, still hope!
13:10:48 <3> unless they have no idea what they are looking at
13:14:30 <Michelle> That person is patiently waiting I think
13:16:35 <Michelle> Nope, he is leaving
13:20:06 <Michelle> :daisy:
13:20:14 <Michelle> crazy
13:20:25 <Betty> wow
13:20:38 <3> interesting
13:21:05 <3> 3 hr 5 min
13:21:11 <Betty> did we miss it after 1h30 and it is a double interval?
13:21:12 <Michelle> Strange happenings today!!
13:22:23 <3> those would be VERY short intervals then
13:22:46 <Betty> go Splendid...
13:23:06 <3> the minimum listed in last 100 is 1 hr 49 m
13:23:57 <3> anyway, glad it was found, or it would have been really off...
13:25:10 <Michelle> With all these crazy intervals, still hope for Grand!
13:27:37 <Michelle> bsb
13:28:41 <Betty> cute little thing
13:29:04 <Michelle> she looks happy!
13:29:12 <Betty> yup
13:30:19 <Michelle> going to keep going back and forth from Bee to Grand
13:32:03 <Betty> looks like turban?
13:32:20 <Michelle> :thumbsup:
13:33:00 <Pholli> I see someone caught daisy at 1:19 but with that interval I don't know what to predict the next one at!
13:33:23 <3> it is a mystery Pholli
13:33:45 <3> would have been an extremely short double, I am thinking it was a single
13:34:04 <Michelle> Tardy
13:34:17 <3> but will it go right back to normal? Most likely
13:34:37 <Michelle> Pholli, nothing at all from anyone in basin on Grand?
13:34:37 <3> or near normal...ha
13:35:20 <Pholli> Bison crossing hill
13:36:10 <Pholli> As of 1:23 I have no spike on my logger
13:36:37 <3> wow, so still not erupted...
13:36:58 <3> waiting for NEXT OF???
13:37:35 <Michelle> 3, truth!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
13:38:08 <3> that would be so crazy
13:41:27 <Michelle> bsb again
13:46:36 <kiawe (at work)> Just caught Saw doing a little dance. Got to go do what they are paying me for. Aloha!
13:47:22 <john> Hello All!
13:47:43 <Michelle> another turban?
13:48:13 <Michelle> john, hello
13:48:45 <3> looks like Turban unless Rift is active
13:48:58 <john> Hi Michelle. The cam is not loading up for me... ???
13:49:48 <Michelle> john, did you get the email from brett about changing the destination address
13:50:38 <john> reading now...
13:52:12 <Michelle> bsb🌞
13:53:44 <Michelle> 3, you are right. OF window coming back around!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
13:55:25 <Michelle> john, do you have the cam?
13:55:50 <Pholli> No grand as of 13:43
13:55:56 <john> yes, I had to see if I was in... going to be a new curve...
13:56:03 <Pholli> On the logger
13:56:23 <Michelle> john, yes it is. No down basin or Bee to Lion presets
13:56:49 <Michelle> john, controls released
13:57:38 <Michelle> john, Bee and Grand have been waiting all day to hear your voice!! Happy driving and thank you!
13:57:39 <john> Thanks Michelle...
13:57:58 <john> Take care and be good Michelle!
13:58:21 <Michelle> Good? What is that?😊
13:58:56 <Michelle> Bye all. Have a great rest of the day!
13:59:10 <Betty> thx Michelle
13:59:15 <3> bye Michelle, thanks for the kooky day
13:59:17 <Betty> bye
14:00:45 <john> OF
14:08:38 <Teri> wow 64 min interval for OF (?); missed it
14:09:20 <3> the one before it was a short
14:09:43 <Teri> yes, caught that one, after a long interval
14:15:58 <CD> SO still no grand?
14:17:10 <john> unless we missed when OF went off but no one mentioned it if there are any gazers in the basin...
14:17:24 <3> no gazers there
14:17:35 <3> Pholli said no eruption as of 1323
14:17:41 <3> that was the last word
14:17:42 <Betty> Pholli has nothing on logger yet
14:17:43 <john> :thumbsup:
14:17:52 <CD> Ok
14:18:06 <CD> Not to long of an interval, at 9h 27m
14:20:51 <john> :grand::grand::grand:
14:21:01 <Pholli> Finally!
14:21:10 <Betty> yay
14:21:11 <Pholli> Holy height
14:21:18 <3> yay
14:22:47 <3> nothing else expected right now...
14:24:46 <CD> Very nice
14:25:50 <3> in basin post, though I wonder about the 1418
14:26:40 <3> you are pretty close to real time, right John?
14:26:49 <CD> Will check the getvideo when grand is done
14:27:04 <john> As far as I know we are right on...
14:27:31 <Pholli> Lion might be soon
14:27:35 <3> so you posted late in 1420 window
14:27:40 <john> :thumbsup:
14:27:44 <3> or 1420 minute
14:30:15 <CD> 10m puase
14:31:01 <3> or done
14:31:22 <john> we will watch and see...
14:31:35 <CD> to late now, a 1b
14:33:50 <3> in 1420 minute, the start
14:34:33 <KorbenC> Afternoon all
14:34:45 <CD> I am getting at 14:20:22
14:34:46 <Pholli> Hi Korben :)
14:34:51 <CD> Afternoon Korben!
14:34:58 <john> Hey Korben!
14:35:08 <KorbenC> Hi Caleb, John, and Pholli
14:35:09 <Ben VL> hello there
14:35:23 <KorbenC> Afternoon Ben
14:39:18 <Pholli> Tardy
14:39:46 <Pholli> Oops I'm late to that
14:54:44 <linda> howdy all
14:55:07 <john> hi linda!
14:57:45 <linda> john, hi
14:57:49 <3> just saw an old FB post of mine about how warm the basin was in 2015. It was 52 degrees on January 26!
14:58:19 <linda> 3, :thumbsup:
14:58:21 <3> They did have above average snowpack that year though, unlike this one...
14:58:56 <linda> i was there in 2015, trying to remember the weather
15:00:03 <john> plate
15:00:21 <CD> Nice and tall
15:00:32 <john> :thumbsup:
15:20:27 <john> :daisy:
15:21:09 <Teri> CD, tks for the Plate post
15:22:07 <CD> :thumbsup:
15:40:15 <Greg 🀠> G'afternoon all
15:40:54 <john> hey greg
15:43:15 <Greg 🀠> Howdy John
15:46:30 <john> OF
15:47:10 <Greg 🀠> :thumbsup:
16:01:11 <john> :bee: is waiting for you greg!
16:01:40 <john> Have fun buddy and a great Friday and weekend!
16:02:01 <Greg 🀠> Thanks John, Are you heading to the ballons?
16:02:53 <john> yes going to do the night lightem up!
16:03:04 <Greg 🀠> Did the cam just go down?
16:03:24 <john> no I just logged off...
16:03:57 <Greg 🀠> I can not log in, blank screen and X on the website
16:04:03 <Ben VL> I'm actually getting the X
16:04:49 <Greg 🀠> in now
16:04:58 <john> :thumbsup:
16:05:05 <john> have fun buddy!
16:05:20 <Greg 🀠> Thanks John, you too
16:05:28 <john> :thumbsup:
16:06:28 <Greg 🀠> splashes
16:07:17 <Ben VL> bwb in basin post
16:11:55 <Greg 🀠> Thanks Ben VL
16:12:44 <Pholli> Coyote just in front of OF, lost it near the boardwalk though
16:13:05 <Ben VL> if we don't get bsb in the next couple mins it probably doesn't have a chance before dark
17:08:23 <Greg 🀠> Sawmill
17:26:08 <Greg 🀠> OF Time
17:32:02 <3> Daisy ie
18:00:35 <Greg 🀠> Com controls ahve been released, thank you tagging along. Enjoy your weekend.
18:05:12 <KorbenC> large meow
18:05:24 <linda> :lion:
18:05:48 <KorbenC> Not sure if ini or not, probably is
18:06:59 <linda> says 14 h interval
18:07:15 <KorbenC> Probably missed some soemwhere
19:44:02 <Craig> Does anyone remember if/when the cam was out for more than 2 days in early december?
20:01:57 <linda> i think when rope wrangled it but cant remember when
20:02:16 <linda> but it was on of
20:03:50 <linda> that was dec 8th
20:03:51 <Craig> Thanks Linda. Trying to determine if we missed a Dome series in early December
20:04:03 <Craig> if we didn't there's only been 2 dome series in the last 2 months
20:04:24 <Craig> if we did, then only 3 which is still below average
20:06:04 <linda> looks like the 8th thru 14th we had problems, sometimes it moved sometimes it didnt
20:06:33 <linda> Ive noticed that dome hasnt been that active
20:06:52 <Craig> oh man then we didn't miss one
20:07:38 <linda> I remember making a comment that I hadn't been seeing, I like dome :)
20:08:18 <Craig> Oh dome is a fantastic geyser. Have you seen it from the observation point? JSJ has a great video
20:08:53 <Craig>
20:09:17 <linda> no I haven't I'll have to check it out. I think it was erupting when I was there last year
20:10:29 <linda> Craig, dome is one of few you can see from static so even if cam couldn't move it could have been seen on static
20:10:48 <Craig> oh perfect
20:10:51 <linda> you know you can scroll through all the static images?
20:10:56 <Craig> yup!
20:11:06 <linda> :)
20:12:57 <linda> there was a period when static was down for a period but I cant remember when that was
20:53:11 <Teri> Craig - tks for the Dome post!
20:54:13 <Craig> the video?
21:17:59 <Teri> yes, the link