Showing logs for date: 2024-03-07
06:52:31 <CraigC> sawmill
06:53:15 <Kat> CraigC, howdy
06:53:20 <CraigC> near start
06:53:28 <CraigC> Kat, howdy :)
06:53:30 <Kat> :thumbsup:
06:53:51 <CraigC> I'm on the delay view
06:54:58 <Kat> Guess Bee is on the dark side
06:58:27 <Kat> Looks like Daisy
06:59:08 <Kat> or not
07:00:41 <CraigC> I haven't really paid much attention to the cam the last few days, appears like some decent snow accumulation, no?
07:01:30 <Kat> Yes, it's been snowing off and on. Needed it!
07:02:07 <CraigC> yes we do. We got some, then it rained, so it's all mucky here again
07:02:26 <Kat> Ugghh!
07:03:31 <CraigC> I get loads of scrap wood in our flatbed to burn in our fireplace, and I went out to grab a couple bins of it yesterday, and it felt like a marsh in my front yard
07:04:04 <Kat> Sounds like Florida haha
07:04:15 <CraigC> seriously
07:04:32 <CraigC> but Utah in early March.... weird
07:04:48 <CraigC> was that Plate ?
07:04:53 <Kat> Do you get much snow?
07:05:28 <CraigC> we used to get a lot of snow
07:05:39 <Kat> Doesn't look like it
07:12:52 <Dave from B> No white here
07:13:25 <CraigC> Dave from B, hey dude
07:13:32 <Kat> Dave from B, morning! None here either LOL
07:14:56 <Dave from B> Looking forward to the warmup in 2 days.
07:35:05 <CD> Morning all!
07:39:03 <CraigC> looks like grotto started whjile I was afk
07:43:57 <Kat> Hard to see
07:48:49 <CD> Pretty sur 0732 start
07:55:40 <CD> Castle
08:09:26 <CD> Looks like a castle major
08:09:37 <Kat> :thumbsup:
08:10:04 <AJ> No grand since middle of the night, could be any time!
08:10:16 <Korben> Thanks AJ
08:10:41 <AJ> πŸ‘
08:10:42 <Kat> AJ, thx
08:10:54 <Korben> I put in 2345 based on 7hr 15min NPS prediction
08:10:55 <Katie β›„> Good morning
08:11:01 <Korben> Castle is a major
08:11:06 <Kat> Morning Katie!
08:14:10 <Korben> Park has gotten alot of snow this past week
08:16:30 <Kat> They will be trying to clear those roads soon
08:25:03 <Katie β›„> Kat, yeah, the snow arrived just in time for that to actually be necessary. :D
08:26:19 <CD> Grand I think
08:28:18 <Kat> Katie β›„, :thumbsup:
08:28:55 <CD> Yeah 0824 start
08:30:15 <Kat> :thumbsup:
08:31:04 <Kat> Well, need to get ready for work! Have a good drive Katie, chains are on today LOL
08:31:30 <Katie β›„> Kat, at least we can see. Although that was the case when I started yesterday, it just didn't last
08:31:56 <Kat> yep, it's iffy lately!
08:32:09 <Katie β›„> That's okay. we need the snow
08:34:05 <Kat> Indeed - or it could be a bad summer!
08:40:01 <Kat> Have a great day all!
09:50:43 <Chancellor> nice to see a couple of bison on the cam
11:25:39 <Betty> hi all
11:34:33 <CD> LC
11:34:35 <CD> Hi betty
11:39:32 <Betty> hi CD
11:50:13 <CD> its lion time :)
12:10:52 <CD> LIOn
12:11:21 <CD> LC also
12:31:41 <Betty> OF
12:34:28 <Dave from B> Hi Betty
12:56:11 <Betty> hi Dave from B
13:00:10 <Dave from B> Do you know what nights you will be staying at our hotel?:)
13:02:04 <Betty> Dave from B, till yesterday it was not sure if we can do a trip this year at all.
13:02:32 <Betty> Finally we found a date
13:03:30 <Betty> Our whole trip is from Oct 3 to Oct 20
13:03:49 <Dave from B> yikes, that is LATE
13:03:56 <Betty> yup
13:04:15 <Betty> not possible to be earlier
13:04:20 <Dave from B> I imagine you will doing YNP at the beginning of your trip?
13:05:02 <Betty> nno detailed planning yet, but yes, YNP at the beginning
13:40:19 <Teri> hey Betty, great to hear you're coming, but I'll be in the Park mid-Sept, so will miss you
13:40:38 <Dave from B> I will let you know if we will be home since we will be traveling mid-Sept to sometime in October. I'm assuming you are flying into Vegas.
13:40:57 <Betty> Hi Teri
13:41:09 <Betty> Dave from B, yes
13:42:54 <Dave from B> Maybe, we can meet up with you somewhere else. Our trip is in early planning stages but we are looking at Gunnison Canyon NP, Mesa Verde, Sedona and maybe a Utah park or two or maybe even Vegas.
13:44:56 <Dave from B> Hi, Lion
13:46:43 <Betty> Dave from B, I will let you know our detailed planning
13:47:13 <Dave from B> I will as well. I hope to do something on that trip before we leave on the 19th
13:51:04 <Betty> Dave from B, have you ever been to Antelope Canyon?
13:53:46 <Dave from B> Betty, I haven't. It was closed due to covid when we passed through the last time.
13:55:52 <Betty> absolutely awesome. And a cruise on Lake Powell to Rainbow Bridge
13:56:25 <Dave from B> I'll put them on the list. I haven't been to Horseshoe Bend either
13:56:53 <Betty> yup, thatΒ΄s great too
14:16:53 <Betty> he has to do some hard work
14:18:05 <Betty> that is so exhausting
14:18:42 <Betty> totally crazy
14:25:00 <Dave from B> Yep. Wolves will be finding carcasses in the next few weeks if this keeps up.
14:51:42 <Betty> :daisy:
14:52:40 <Betty> :grand:
14:53:24 <Dave from B> a dual