Showing logs for date: 2024-03-16
06:40:29 <CraigC> meteor, how cool
07:13:03 <CraigC> daisy maybe
07:19:40 <CraigC> riverside ie
07:35:10 <CraigC> :gt:
07:42:48 <CraigC> LION IE
07:43:05 <CraigC> was afk briefly
07:45:29 <79> lion start 0741
07:46:18 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
07:46:33 <CraigC> go ahead and enter that, I didnt see it
07:47:13 <79> I am unable o enter
07:48:30 <79> looks ini
07:54:57 <CraigC> daisy ns
07:55:51 <79> Joe posted :lion:
08:03:56 <J> look at Grand please
08:05:13 <CraigC> J, what are you seeing
08:05:18 <J> thanks i thought 0801 but it was spas
08:07:24 <J> the bison look like me,fat warm and lazy
08:07:50 <CraigC> haha
08:10:06 <CraigC> raven poking bison in the butt
08:10:53 <J> got it up
08:10:55 <CalebD> Morning all!
08:11:03 <CraigC> :lol:
08:14:02 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
08:15:33 <79> 0809 poke 0810 poke and up
08:16:19 <CraigC> probably the same ones that pester me at grotto and F&M
08:18:00 <79> the ravens are almost as bad as some tourists
08:24:15 <CraigC> raven on its back
08:24:34 <CraigC> "oh woe is me, there's a bird on me"
08:30:40 <CraigC> ot
08:31:58 <CraigC> tardy
08:51:21 <TomK> Good morning all
08:51:37 <CalebD> Dep at overflow
08:51:43 <CalebD> Morning TomK
08:52:52 <CraigC> TomK, good luck, you have Grand, Lion, Depression and OF, and bee starting to wake up a little
08:53:41 <CraigC> and a pair of ravens pestering the bison
08:53:47 <TomK> Looks busy. I'll have to go to OF and hope the others will wait a bit.
08:54:02 <TomK> Where are the bison?
08:55:04 <TomK> Ah
08:55:43 <CraigC> silver spring might be ie, I cant tell
08:57:21 <CalebD> hord to say
08:57:26 <TomK> I'mnot familiar with Silver Spring. Right by the boardwalk? Near Anemone?
08:57:41 <CraigC> TomK, by Little Squirt
08:57:49 <TomK> Thanks
08:58:19 <TomK> I can take it whenever you're ready
08:58:28 <CraigC> have at it, enjoy
08:58:55 <CraigC> great visibility
08:58:56 <TomK> "Thanks for driving."
09:02:08 <TomK> Sorry, folks but I have to watch Old Faithful.
09:02:45 <TomK> 0901
09:04:37 <TomK> "pan right" got stuck
09:05:26 <TomK> Long
09:07:19 <CalebD> Grand
09:07:21 <CalebD> ie
09:08:03 <CalebD> Penta!
09:08:03 <CalebD> .
09:08:04 <CalebD> .
09:08:04 <CalebD> .
09:08:04 <CalebD> .
09:08:37 <CalebD> Looks strong
09:09:00 <TomK> We were only on OF for 5 minutes!
09:09:08 <CalebD> :p
09:09:24 <CalebD> Do you think we could zoom in a bit closer so I can get better view of penta?
09:10:06 <CalebD> Thanks!
09:11:14 <CalebD> Minor, but looks like a strong mixed phase
09:12:49 <TomK> We may have missed Lion
09:13:49 <CalebD> Its still roaring so we did not miss it, but it would be very late si probably a one and done series
09:31:24 <TomK> Trying to watch Daisy and Bee.
09:32:53 <TomK> Fogging up, don't think we'll see Daisy
09:59:28 <TomK> Daisy?
10:07:54 <TomK> There was steam on & off around Daisy a few times, but I'm not willing to call it. Anybody else?
10:08:58 <TomK> Thanks, JarnoO
10:23:37 <TomK> Old Faithful window opening
10:52:50 <TomK> 1052
10:56:43 <TomK> Long
11:42:01 <TomK> Daisy window
11:52:43 <TomK> Daisy
11:57:24 <TomK> Doggies
12:14:23 <TomK> Old Faithful window opening
12:35:53 <TomK> Old Faithful 1235
12:39:33 <TomK> Short? Long?
12:41:15 <TomK> Almost long
12:41:51 <TomK> :D
12:46:16 <TomK> I'm calling it Long
12:46:25 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
12:48:13 <Michelle> Good afternoon
12:53:10 <TomK> Hi Michelle
12:53:21 <Michelle> TomK, hello
12:53:53 <Michelle> Looks like a beeautiful day in the basin!!
12:54:16 <TomK> Riverside window, No bee yet
12:54:23 <Michelle> Any day you can see is a good day!😊
12:55:13 <Michelle> And the park is closed for spring cleaning!!
12:55:27 <Michelle> Someone has to rake those leaves!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
12:56:44 <Michelle> TomK, whenever you have had enough, I am ready
12:57:06 <TomK> The last Old faithful was right as 3 minutes, you might check the next one out a little early.
12:57:19 <TomK> Ok, logging
12:57:44 <TomK> I'm off, have a good shift
12:58:09 <TomK> Bye all
12:58:21 <CalebD> Bye TomK, thanks for driving!
12:58:23 <Michelle> Got it. Thank you for driving and have a wonderful afternoon!
13:01:12 <Michelle> Good afternoon Ms Bee
13:08:37 <Michelle> We had a red dog yesterday in the herd
13:14:48 <Michelle> I guess the static is frozen again, can't see Bee or Lion steam
13:16:51 <Michelle> Hmmmm, everybody stop!😁
13:17:34 <Michelle> Red light!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
13:20:03 <Michelle> NG sure looks hot!
13:21:34 <Michelle> Riverside
13:26:07 <Michelle> OT
13:27:14 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
13:35:25 <Michelle> Daisy in the window
13:40:38 <Michelle> Sawmill
13:44:06 <Michelle> :daisy:
13:45:18 <Michelle> I think exact start was at 13:43
13:45:54 <CalebD> nice daisy
13:52:14 <Michelle> Yes, static is working again.
13:54:22 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
14:00:52 <Michelle> OF window
14:18:28 <Michelle> OF
14:21:26 <Michelle> long
14:24:05 <Michelle> LC
14:24:30 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
14:27:14 <Michelle> brb
14:40:54 <linda> howdy
14:42:34 <Michelle> linda, hello
15:03:28 <Michelle> :bee:
15:03:43 <Michelle> That was a surprise
15:03:50 <KorbenC> .
15:03:51 <KorbenC> .
15:03:51 <KorbenC> .
15:03:51 <KorbenC> .
15:03:54 <KorbenC> Nice
15:04:17 <kcmule> cool
15:04:38 <linda> nice
15:04:48 <linda> Michelle, hi
15:04:58 <Michelle> No bubblers no indy, just bam
15:05:09 <linda> :)
15:05:39 <linda> amazing when that happens
15:07:16 <KorbenC> Nice Beebow
15:07:24 <Michelle> chasing the rainbow:)
15:07:54 <linda> very pretty
15:08:29 <Michelle> still don't see indy
15:10:51 <Michelle> nope, not even after. no indy
15:11:45 <Michelle> Thank you beeuatiful Ms Bee
15:12:46 <Michelle> Woke me up!πŸ˜‚
15:14:25 <Michelle> Jarno saw an indicator
15:16:42 <CalebD> Interesting looks like indy just secnd befor beehive
15:16:45 <Michelle> tardy
15:17:00 <KorbenC> CalebD, I was looking at that
15:17:29 <KorbenC> Might've had water and then Bee just took it before Indy could start
15:17:58 <CalebD> Yeah certainly look like indy steam but no indy at 1304 so must have just been beehive steam
15:18:27 <KorbenC> I see the volcano in Iceland is erupting again
15:18:47 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
15:19:14 <Michelle> I did not see any Indy. Looked away, looked back and it was erupting.
15:27:36 <Michelle> tardy again
15:35:28 <Michelle> grotto?
15:35:46 <CalebD> Looks like it
15:37:02 <Michelle> :daisy:
15:37:15 <Michelle> 15:36 start
15:38:25 <Michelle> :grand:
15:38:46 <Michelle> duel or dualπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
15:39:15 <CalebD> dool :)
15:39:36 <Michelle> πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
15:43:25 <Michelle> OF in the window too
15:43:49 <Michelle> keep one eye on static...just in case
15:44:53 <Michelle> quite the wind
15:45:31 <CalebD> :)
15:50:01 <CalebD> 1b
15:50:04 <Michelle> and OF waited
15:57:17 <Michelle> Joe, you want to take it before OF starts? Easier to time it
15:58:03 <J> Michelle, thanks for using up all of the geysers! now I can kick back and relax. All you left me is poor neglected Castle and OF
15:58:16 <Michelle> OF
15:58:40 <J> well ok, just castle
15:58:49 <Michelle> J, good night for a nap. I was ready to take one before Bee went
16:01:11 <Michelle> I got a short on that
16:01:14 <J> short
16:01:44 <Michelle> I am out. Have a wonderful evening and GO GIANT!!!😁
16:02:04 <J> :thumbsup:
18:32:26 <J> taerdt
19:22:35 <river> Uncertain?
19:23:09 <river> doesn't look like sawmill
19:23:46 <J> it is sawmill
19:23:56 <KorbenC> Looks like Sawmill to me
19:23:59 <KorbenC> Hi J
19:24:13 <J> KorbenC, hi
19:24:33 <river> same but I thought sawmill was more to the middle
19:24:47 <river> hi, J
19:25:02 <KorbenC> Sawmill off now
19:25:14 <J> river, hi