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06:42:16 <Kat> Good morning!
07:01:00 <Kat1> :daisy:
07:03:51 <Kat1> Graham is up and geyser gazing!
07:15:31 <Dave from B> Kat1, Good morning
07:15:57 <Kat> Morning Dave!
07:16:00 <Dave from B> Geysers, volcanoes and auroras all on the same day
07:16:09 <Kat> Dave from B, :)
07:17:01 <Dave from B> I'm a boring traveler...all we do is ride our bike, walk our dogs and find a brewery patio
07:17:33 <Kat> I'm with you!
07:19:46 <Dave from B> I forgot...and eat...We spent 7 nights in Texas and I think we ate BBQ almost everyday:)
07:20:13 <Kat> Dave from B, Love some Texas BBQ!
07:25:41 <Kat> Dave from B, I trust you had a great trip!
07:29:00 <Kat> OF
07:29:14 <Dave from B> Yes, we did. Longest RV trip (or any trip) we have ever taken. 25 nights. I think we found our max. Nice to get home and spread out. Class B RV's can seem like a genie in a bottle if you stay in it too long:)
07:29:38 <Dave from B> Lots of beautiful places on the Gulf Coast
07:30:08 <Kat> Dave from B, :)
07:33:55 <Dave from B> How have you been? Are you still working extra shifts?
07:37:20 <Kat> Dave from B, not working as many hours and thinking about stopping soon!
07:37:43 <linda> good morning all
07:37:47 <Dave from B> Are you still thinking about moving north?
07:37:52 <Dave from B> Hi, linda
07:38:06 <Kat> Dave from B, nor at this time!
07:38:11 <linda> Dave from B, hi
07:38:14 <Kat> not*
07:38:20 <Kat> Morning Linda
07:38:30 <linda> Kat, hi
07:39:00 <Kat> Wonder what's up with the static cams - only have Lake
07:39:38 <CD> Morning all!
07:39:51 <linda> CD, morning
07:39:57 <Kat> Morning
07:40:07 <Dave from B> Morning CD
07:40:14 <Kat> brb - more coffee
07:40:51 <CD> Nice to see come Iceland geyser entrys from Graham
07:45:25 <CD> Very splashy bee
07:46:22 <asdf> dwarf
07:46:32 <CD> :thumbsup:
07:49:16 <Kat> Arty
07:49:24 <Dave from B> Castle
07:49:25 <CD> Castle and arty ie
07:49:40 <Dave from B> Sawmill too
07:49:44 <CraigC> DOOL
07:50:06 <Dave from B> Not sure why I read that as DROOL
07:50:18 <Dave from B> CraigC, Good morning
07:50:26 <CraigC> Dave from B, howdy
07:50:37 <Mike J> Droooling over the prospect of getting to go back and see geysers.
07:50:53 <CraigC> 4 weeks
07:51:02 <Mike J> (Three "o"'s must mean REALLY excited)
07:51:19 <Mike J> 7 weeks
07:52:11 <Dave from B> CraigC, what cam shifts do you currently have?
07:52:18 <CD> 11 weeks for me
07:52:25 <CraigC> Dave from B, just sat am
07:52:53 <Dave from B> 2 hours?
07:53:03 <Dave from B> Sorry, don't have the schedule with me
07:53:05 <CraigC> yep
07:53:45 <Dave from B> I may be able to cover for you when you are gone. Let's talk when the time gets closer.
07:55:23 <CraigC> Dave from B, that would be cool. Joe said he would, but I am pretty sure he would welcome you taking them
07:55:42 <CD> Castle to steam?
07:56:04 <Kat> Morning Mike J, Howdy CraigC
07:56:20 <CraigC> Kat, howdy
07:57:07 <Dave from B> It will get handled either way
08:06:03 <CD> Plate
08:06:03 <CD> .
08:06:03 <CD> .
08:06:04 <CD> .
08:06:04 <CD> .
08:06:39 <CraigC> CD should stand for Calm Down :)
08:07:21 <CD> ?
08:07:55 <Kat> :)
08:08:24 <CraigC> a lot of dings for a Plate eruption?
08:08:58 <CraigC> I turned my head expoecting a Giantess
08:09:01 <CD> I though maybe we could get a zoom if I notified the Campos quickly
08:11:55 <CD> *Thought
08:12:06 <CD> MC
08:12:12 <asdf> my poor heart
08:14:35 <Mike J> off for two new crowns. Have fun.
08:14:47 <Mike J> (Guess you have to be "off" to get two new crowns)
08:14:47 <Kat> CD, zooms don't always happen
08:14:53 <Mike J> quit
08:15:02 <Mike J> Sorry, forgot the slash
08:15:29 <CD> Kat, I know just want to notify people if they would want to
08:16:01 <Kat> Bulger
08:16:36 <Dave from B> I finally got to experience an accident on a 4 lane interstate directly in front of me while people were going over 50 mph. That was fun
08:17:32 <Dave from B> A drunk guy was pulling into traffic from the shoulder and then decided at the last minute to try to use an "Authorized Vehicles Only" U-turn spot in the median
08:18:19 <Katie 🐻> Good morning - sweet light
08:18:27 <CD> Morning Katie
08:18:42 <Kat> Katie 🐻, Morning Katyie
08:19:03 <Kat> Oops - Katie
08:19:23 <Jimbo Rises Aga> Nice steam phase
08:21:05 <CraigC> Dave from B, yikes
08:22:32 <Dave from B> Let me tell you.....metal cable median fences do work. The lady hit by the drunk driver was in the left ;ane and hit on front right tire area and had both right tires off the ground. She was going overe until she hit that fence. We stuck around for over an hour to give a statement.
08:24:54 <CD> CL
08:24:58 <CD> *LC
08:29:50 <john> Morning All!
08:30:14 <Kat> Morning
08:30:41 <CD> Morning john
08:30:51 <john> Hi Kat! Looks a little cool this morning!
08:31:08 <john> Hi CD!
08:31:21 <Kat> john, but a beautiful morning!
08:31:33 <john> beautiful looking basin!
08:31:45 <Kat> Indeed!
08:31:46 <john> :thumbsup:
08:32:32 <Kat> john, Loonian being planned for may 2025!
08:33:46 <Kat> Splish splash Bee
08:34:21 <CD> Would not surprise me if it goes soon
08:35:11 <CD> Grotto ie
08:36:20 <john> I have seen that Kat... would be fun!
08:36:27 <Dave from B> Coler weather is coming
08:36:30 <Dave from B> Colder*
08:36:43 <Kat> john, I'll be going - you should too!
08:37:10 <john> we are planning on it for sure!
08:38:10 <Kat> john, excellent! Would be so fun to all et together again! Would love to see you and spend some time! Gotta get Greg there too!
08:38:13 <Dave from B> I know Loons are a YNP group. What's the history and who is a loon (Besides CraigC):D
08:39:06 <Kat> Dave from B, haha - it's been a group for a very long time. Greg, myself, john on here are Loons! Oh and Caroline!
08:39:27 <Katie 🐻> There was a chat page we belonged to. I wasn't a frequent participant, but enough to be considered a Loon.
08:39:46 <Katie 🐻> (or at least get invited to Loon gatherings)
08:39:50 <Kat> Yay and Katie too!
08:40:22 <CraigC> Dave from B, you're a coot
08:40:31 <Kat> Katie 🐻, there's a FB page now - many don't use the old chat page
08:40:37 <john> folks who are loonie about Parkadise...
08:40:48 <Kat> john, yes!
08:41:51 <Kat> I started participating back in 2002
08:42:01 <john> what is going on with the other webcams?
08:42:25 <Kat> Not sure - sent Brent a message
08:42:44 <john> :thumbsup:
08:42:48 <Kat> I meant Brett
08:42:57 <john> :thumbsup:
08:46:40 <Kat> Brett is out of the office until the 22nd. So maybe I will hear from Virginia. I'll let you know
08:52:00 <Kat> quick Bee check
08:52:56 <Dave from B> Sawmill is still going strong
08:53:07 <CD> :thumbsup:
08:53:11 <Kat> :thumbsup:
08:53:26 <CD> Though interestingly no tardy
08:54:23 <CD> Well of course there goes tardy
09:00:23 <Kat> :daisy:
09:02:44 <Dave from B> CD, What have Sawmill's durartions been like this year?
09:04:02 <john> thank you Kat!
09:04:34 <Kat> john, yw friend!
09:05:42 <Kat> OF
09:06:08 <Kat> Beautiful lighting!
09:06:21 <Jimbo Rises Aga> Whenever the lighting is like this it reminds me of Ansel Adams
09:06:35 <Kat> Jimbo Rises Again, I agree!
09:06:41 <Jimbo Rises Aga> :thumbsup:
09:07:41 <Kat> short
09:09:01 <Dave from B> I love his studio in Yosemite Valley
09:10:00 <Dave from B> We had 3 or 4 of his prints in our first house
09:10:18 <Jimbo Rises Aga>
09:11:03 <CD> Dave from B, Sorry, they very, it had most commonly been doing long duration ones of 2-6h, but also a good amount of 25-40m (Medium) duration eruptions
09:11:08 <Dave from B> Half Dome with the moon was one of the,m
09:11:32 <Dave from B> So, no tardy's during the medium durations?
09:11:38 <CD> I have not seen as many of the short (5-20m) duration or the super short (1m) duration eruptions
09:12:06 <CD> Dave from B, Yes, uslays not tardy, but sometimes tardy will do one at the end
09:12:31 <CD> Ready realy needs the long duration eruptions to go into series
09:25:45 <Kat> Getting ready!
09:48:46 <Kat> Riversdie
09:49:40 <Kat> Riverside*
10:05:30 <Kat> NPS is working to fix the static cam issues. It's a service wide issue!
10:22:28 <Kat> Missed Bee
10:22:49 <Kat> OF
10:27:34 <Kat> Wonder why Lion dropped off
10:27:46 <Kat> Last eruption 0941
10:28:50 <Dave from B> Sawmill and Tardy ie
10:44:56 <Kat> Tardy again
10:46:51 <CD> Kat, Because there were enough entry to get it out of the 10 most recent that are displayed, so the chat page does not know about it anymore and such does not display it
10:47:28 <Kat> :thumbsup:
10:55:26 <CD> Tardy
10:55:51 <Kat> :daisy:
11:04:25 <CD> Lion
11:25:09 <Kat> Taking that old roof off!
11:32:29 <Kat> LC
11:34:30 <Dave from B> Is that the famous rake guy?
11:35:01 <Kat> Don't know!
11:37:00 <Kat> Making progress
11:37:21 <Kat> There's the rake!
11:38:16 <Dave from B> I wonder what other jobs in the park are rushing to get done before Opoening Day
11:38:19 <Mike J> Is OSHA watching this, making sure nothing goes wrong?
11:38:28 <Kat> Mike J, hahaha
11:38:40 <Kat> They seem to be tied in well!
11:39:06 <Mike J> Their Tied In a Well!!!!
11:39:25 <Kat> Dave from B, psrt of the roof blew off the Tower Gas station so it is closed until further notice!
11:40:00 <Dave from B> Wow...that's not good
11:40:19 <Kat> These guys make me nervous!
11:40:34 <Kat> Dave from B, due to a microburst!
11:40:44 <Mike J> I never knew there is a roof geyser. Things you learn from highlighted words.
11:41:01 <Kat> :)
11:41:17 <Dave from B> I wonder how your body feels after not being on level ground for 8 hours
11:41:58 <Mike J> Dave from B, gotta get rid of your roof legs
11:42:56 <Kat> brb - doing laundry!
12:19:06 <Kat> Going to leave thomimg up!is here for a few - need to run to the store, Lion, Daisy
12:19:34 <Kat> ?? leave this here Lion Daisy coming up
12:19:50 <CD> :thumbsup:
12:27:31 <Michelle> No one on the cam?
12:28:45 <Michelle> Just got back from the train station early for a change. Give me about 3 minutes, I can grab it for a few.
12:29:01 <Katie 🐻> Kat just went to store
12:30:44 <Michelle> Ok, i have it until she gets back.
13:01:14 <Michelle> :daisy:
13:04:21 <Michelle> Bulger
13:05:29 <Kat> Looks like Bulgers Hole too
13:06:02 <Michelle> Is that the Hole or the vent?
13:06:22 <Michelle> Hi Kat, you want the cam back?
13:06:36 <Kat> Michelle, could be vent
13:06:58 <Kat> Michelle, do you need to go?
13:07:17 <Michelle> I thought the hole was right in front of the trees
13:07:31 <Kat> Yes, closer to bw
13:07:45 <Michelle> Kat, No, I got my mom on the 11:45 train today. A first!!😊
13:08:27 <Kat> Do you mind staying on I've been on since 0700
13:09:25 <Michelle> Kat, no problem. Happy to help.
13:09:41 <Kat> Michelle, thx! You Rock!
13:10:41 <Michelle> Usually don't finish until after 2 on Tuesdays, got home early. looked out at the yard and said nah, wonder if they need help on the cam!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
13:11:53 <Michelle> Called the Bulger a major, hope that was right
13:13:36 <Kat> it was
13:14:35 <Michelle> Did you see that fro Aurum???
13:14:45 <Michelle> Boil or something
13:17:40 <Kat> looked ,like a nice push ewioth splashing
13:18:10 <Michelle> 13:14:54, There was a a burst
13:18:12 <Kat> :grand:
13:18:12 <Michelle> :grand:
13:18:49 <Michelle> Was studying the video to see what I saw, almost missed Grand
13:19:45 <Kat> I put in a note on Aurum
13:20:10 <Michelle> I have
13:20:44 <Kat> I did too then LOL
13:20:53 <Michelle> oops, I have not seen anything from Aurum in a long time, so probably wrong.
13:21:16 <Kat> Time to change the laundry around!
13:21:28 <Michelle> Michelle, I didn't, just hit enter before I finishedπŸ˜‚
13:21:55 <Michelle> Doing good today, that should say Kat😊
13:24:37 <Michelle> Sure wish they would fix the static
13:25:10 <Katie 🐻> Michelle, sounds like the T1 might be down
13:27:52 <Michelle> :thumbsup:
13:35:29 <Michelle> On the Aurum video, also a splash at 13:30:40
13:36:17 <Michelle> 13;13:40. Sorry
13:38:50 <Michelle> OF window
13:40:47 <Michelle> Me thinks there is going to be an Aurum sometime today
13:57:42 <Michelle> OF
13:59:48 <Michelle> short
14:01:45 <Michelle> oooh another Aurum boil
14:04:47 <Michelle> Need to move my legs. brb
14:07:22 <asdf> giantess looking happy
14:07:37 <Katie 🐻> it looked hot yesterday, too
14:08:09 <asdf> super hot today
14:11:58 <Michelle> What did I miss?
14:12:21 <Katie 🐻> Michelle, boils on Giantess
14:16:02 <KorbenC> Plate in overflow
14:16:33 <KorbenC> Dep crashed
14:22:15 <Michelle> Plate
14:22:22 <KorbenC> Plate
14:26:24 <KorbenC> Michelle, could we zoom on the right side of Giantess?
14:26:56 <KorbenC> Thanks
14:27:03 <Michelle> :thumbsup:
14:27:16 <Michelle> Far enough right?
14:27:24 <KorbenC> Perfect :)
14:28:43 <Michelle> Good?
14:29:09 <KorbenC> Yuppers!
14:29:12 <KorbenC> Thanks again
14:32:20 <Michelle> NG looks hot too
14:35:24 <Brando> Lets go NG!
14:35:52 <KorbenC> Hi Brando
14:36:11 <Brando> Hi KorbenC
14:46:19 <Michelle> Daisy in the window
14:48:35 <Michelle> Sawmill is on
14:51:45 <Brando> Old Faithful in the window
14:52:14 <Michelle> yeah, trying to push daisy
14:53:53 <Michelle> Have I mentioned how much I miss the staticπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
14:54:19 <Brando> How come all of the statics are down?
14:54:30 <Katie 🐻> Brando, T1 down, I think
14:54:37 <Brando> Ah gotcha.
14:54:40 <Michelle> Korben broke them
14:54:51 <Brando> Thanks Korben
14:56:58 <Katie 🐻> I miss the Mount Washburn cams most
14:58:05 <Michelle> I miss the west entrance. Love to watch it while camming
14:58:49 <Michelle> OF
14:59:00 <Brando> Hopefullly it comes online by Friday so we can see the long lines thatll be there
15:02:01 <Michelle> long
15:03:07 <Michelle> :daisy:
15:03:24 <Michelle> done
15:12:38 <Michelle> NG is hot!!
15:14:13 <KorbenC> Michelle, could we look at Giantess again please? Sorry for all the poking :)
15:14:14 <JakeπŸ“Š> now it's less hot
15:14:33 <KorbenC> Hi Jake
15:14:43 <JakeπŸ“Š> was exciting there for a moment, NG
15:15:58 <Michelle> KorbenC, :thumbsup:
15:16:30 <Michelle> Everything back there looks extra hot to me today.
15:16:52 <KorbenC> Same thought here
15:17:11 <asdf> seems like the yin to january's yang
15:17:35 <Michelle> Everything will erupt on Thursday!πŸ˜‚
15:17:41 <Michelle> KorbenC, good?
15:18:46 <KorbenC> Perfect Michelle
15:18:50 <KorbenC> Thanks again
15:21:27 <Michelle> Another Aurum boil
15:23:48 <Michelle> Wish we could blow that steam back there the other way for a few minutes
15:25:24 <Greg 🀠> Good afternoon all
15:25:45 <KorbenC> Hi Greg
15:26:12 <Michelle> Greg 🀠, hello
15:27:14 <Michelle> just what I was asking for😊
15:29:11 <Greg 🀠> Hi Korben and Michell.
15:29:15 <Greg 🀠> Michelle
15:29:42 <Greg 🀠> Let me know when you want to hand over the controls.
15:31:14 <Michelle> Greg 🀠, any time you are ready. 20 minutes after I leave, Aurum is going!!😊
15:31:47 <Greg 🀠> That is my favorite
15:31:50 <Michelle> It is just waiting for me to leave!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
15:32:08 <Greg 🀠> Any issues with the controls today?
15:32:30 <Michelle> Greg 🀠, drove like a Lexxus!😊
15:33:11 <Michelle> NG looking hot again too
15:33:19 <Greg 🀠> kool. Let me know know when you have logged off
15:33:41 <Michelle> Greg 🀠, controls released
15:34:05 <Greg 🀠> Thanks for driving
15:34:27 <Michelle> Keep one eye on NG and the other eye on Aurum. Actually had some splashes back at Aurum
15:35:13 <Greg 🀠> :thumbsup:
15:35:16 <Michelle> Thanks Greg. Last time Aurum did that to me, it erupted right after I left. Go Aurum!!
15:35:51 <Michelle> Might check back just to see if it goes. Have a great afternoon and thank you
15:36:24 <Michelle> Look at that. It's going to blow11
15:37:57 <Michelle> Bye all
15:38:16 <Greg 🀠> Night Michelle, enjoy
15:53:02 <Greg 🀠> Riverside
16:48:54 <CalebD> Afternoon all
16:49:12 <Greg 🀠> OF time
16:49:24 <Greg 🀠> Hi CalebD
18:15:24 <Greg 🀠> :lion:
18:15:25 <Greg 🀠> :lion:
18:17:17 <CalebD> INi it looks like
18:25:31 <Greg 🀠> OF time
18:48:46 <Greg 🀠> :daisy:
18:48:47 <Greg 🀠> :daisy:
19:25:33 <Greg 🀠> What the heck
19:26:00 <Greg 🀠> Employees, they have a lot to learn
19:43:28 <Greg 🀠> Could be Grand
20:01:52 <Greg 🀠> Old Faithful time
20:06:18 <Greg 🀠> Cam controls have been released, thanks for tagging along.
20:06:52 <Greg 🀠> Night all, enjoy the snow.